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This part is super simple, jeans and shorts for everything, yes Mom, I said everything. Remember, we are not going out there for a fashion show. There are going to be parents out there from the entire Western Recruiting Region, that is 27 states.

Thursday is the MARINE CORPS FAMILY REUNION when we are walking around the base with all those other families. Maybe you would like a nice blouse or even slacks, even though jeans and shorts are good enough.

On Thursday, you will be meeting your son's buddies and THEIR parents, so dress how you would feel comfortable to meet new parents and your son's fellow Marines. I really could care less what you wear above your ankles, but below them had better be comfortable walking shoes or you are going to be miserable, and that is FACT. Take a wind breaker for the evenings. In San Diego, when the sun goes down, the breeze picks up off the Pacific Ocean and it gets chilly really quick. I also suggest you take sunglasses, sunscreen, lightweight binoculars, and if bothered by the sun, an umbrella.

I SUGGEST you take a change of clothes for your new Marine, in case he doesn't want to wear his uniform home. Remember, it is not unusual for these guys to gain or lose a LOT of weight. In this case, if the jeans he had at home doesn't fit anymore, on Thursday, while on the "On Base Liberty", go to the Marine Exchange and buy him a pair that will fit. This way you are covered.




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