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Health Concerns 


If for ANY reason, anyone is going out that has a difficulty with a LOT of walking, I recommend taking a wheel chair with you. I know you don’t want to go around in a wheel chair, and I can appreciate that. If for any reason you can't handle all the walking, one of two things are going to happen.

1. We all sit together and no one see anything, or

2. You stay behind while we go see everything.

Now, which one of those things do you think that new Marine wants? NONE OF THE ABOVE. He wants everyone to see everything. Believe me, if anyone needs a wheel chair, that new Marine will take care of pushing it because he has been taught two things - BE IN CHARGE - TAKE COMMAND. How is one way he can make sure everyone gets to see everything?? If HE takes over and pushes that chair, and he WILL do it.

Keep one thing in mind…this is NOT double time. We can sit and rest when we need to but there is still a lot of ground to cover. If there is the slightest question, TAKE ONE! After you get there and decide you really didn’t need it, so what? It had a round trip ride to San Diego. You just check it through on the airline like a piece of luggage. Be SAFE, not SORRY.

If you want to wait until you get to San Diego, to get your wheelchair, here is a SUGGESTION for you. In San Diego is ALTERNATIVE MOBILITY, that has all kinds of equipment, manual, as well as electric wheelchairs. Nick, the owner, will deliver a chair, to the motel, and then pick it up, after you use it. This saves YOU from having to go get it, then YOU returning it, after use. If you use ALTERNATIVE MOBILITY, tell Nick you saw it on "Max's website." His number is: (619) 427-2525, and his website is:



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