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As an introduction, I am Max Beerup, I live in Kansas City, Missouri and I am the Dad of a Marine.

About 18 years ago, we went out to San Diego to see our son graduate. At that time, there was no help from anyone concerning the graduation. The routine was, blunder ahead and HOPE that everything would turn out right. It did not. When we got home on the Monday after graduation, a recruiter here in Kansas City called and said "Max, I have a Dad here that wants to go out to see his son graduate and he is asking questions I don't have answers to. Since you just got back, would you help him?" A Marine recruiter asking the Dad of a new Marine to help the Dad of a soon to be Marine. You bet I did!

That was about 18 years ago and since that time, I have talked with a little more than 120,000 families. I have been asked a hundred times, "Who pays you for helping me??" Answer: No one. I have never gotten a penny from anyone for anything. So why do I take my time to talk with all those people? Because you are a fellow Marine parent that is going to go see your son earn the title MARINE. As you see, I now have more than 120,000 new friends that I never had before and they are all Marine Corps Family friends. Now, what are 120,000 new friends worth?

Realize one thing, in this information, I only suggest and recommend. If you like what I suggest, use it, if you do not, forget it. I am not a travel agent. I am just a fellow Marine parent trying to help.

When your young man leaves for San Diego, it will probably be on a Monday or Tuesday. Regardless, when he leaves, this will start his first week. The next Monday starts his second week. My first suggestion, do nothing as far as airline tickets or reservations go until son has completed three weeks of boot camp. Why? Because, if for any reason he cannot make it, they will send him home within the first 3 weeks. This way, if you were going to buy a fist full of airline tickets the day he left, and he should get sent home, you are now standing there with tickets to go see a son that is already home.

Hopefully, this website will cover everything. Remember, I am in Kansas City, Mo and the times for activities may be off sometimes. If you keep checking with the motel for shuttle bus times to go to the base, they will get you there in plenty of time because they do this every weekend. Once on the base, the Marine Corps will direct you so you can see everything.

Throughout this web page I keep referring to "Parents." This also includes those of you who have raised these young men to become MARINES. You are the Grandparents, older brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, Foster parents, Adoptive parents, who ever you are, I simply say "JOB WELL DONE."

If you still have a question or something that you need help with, my home phone number is (816) 436-7104. My e-mail address is We are all part of the Marine Corps Family, we look out for and take care of each other. Keeping this in mind, if you do have a question, you WILL call me, you are not bothering me. Friends do not bother friends, they take care of each other.

Semper Fi,




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